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You’ve fulfilled your dream and created the work you always wanted.

Something that expresses YOU and you alone.

And now it’s time to “get it out there”…


As an indie author or musician, that means it’s time to self-publish.

In this ever-changing climate of Publishing as a whole, your choices are varied. You can choose the traditional route, send query letters, contact agents, submit to every publishing house accepting manuscripts, then you wait…and you wait…and you wait…for an answer that sometimes never comes.

Or you can choose a Hybrid Publishing house, which is a combination of traditional publishing and so-called vanity presses.

Or you can choose to jump in with both feet and self-publish. If this is the route you choose, and you need assistance from someone who has walked the mile, that is where RiJan Publishing can assist.

What does RiJan Publishing offer?

  • You maintain complete control to all rights of your work
  • You have the final say in every aspect of publishing your creation
  • We listen to your input on what you think your cover should reflect
  • You choose the edits you want to implement
  • Your writer’s voice is yours and not changed by the editing process
  • You keep every dollar you make from selling your book once it’s completed and in your hands
  • Your work is copyrighted in your name only
  • You pay only for the services you want and need and keep all money earned

We are a multi-faceted publishing house that offers you all the services you need.

For authors…

  • Professional book covers
  • Marketing materials (business cards, bookmarks, etc)
  • Professional editing
  • Uploading of your polished manuscript
  • Distribution Options

For musicians…

  • Professionally designed CD covers
  • ISRC numbers
  • Copyrighting
  • Full production and recording (if needed)
  • Large Distribution Channels

We only have ONE rule around here…

YOU are always in full control of your work!


RiJan Publishing Wants To Assist You With All of Your Publishing Needs. Indulge Your Creativity
Without Breaking
The Bank!