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Even though RiJan Publishing is a new literary publishing company, it has been in business as a music publishing company since 2003. Rick Sikes and myself established the company to publish music for Indie artists as well as our own music. It advanced to a literary publishing company in 2013 when I self-published my first creative non-fiction novel.

I chose to publish my own work through RiJan due to the current climate in the world of traditional publishing. I had no expertise in this process, but thankfully I was divinely directed to a team of experts who could provide what I needed to successfully publish and it was affordable.

After listening to many authors express their discouragement and disappointment in the struggles they had from getting their manuscript edited, to a poorly designed book cover to struggling with the layout and design to satisfy CreateSpace or whatever format they were uploading to, I decided I needed to share the wonderful experience I had been lucky to find in publishing my own books.

From all of that experience, I decided to create a unique publishing company that could help authors and music artists bring their dream to life.

I have designed unique package options in which you custom design to fit your personal needs. Once you choose your package, then I can provide a cost estimate for the services you desire. In this way, you get to choose exactly what you want and need without getting stuck paying for a service you don’t care to have.

I have also produced music CD’s and have expertise with copyrighting, ISRC’s, listing with BMI or ASCAP and SoundExchange.


About RiJan Publishing — 2 Comments

  1. Even though I have written 2 novels and some short stories and a children’s book, and am published in a couple of Anthologies,I am truly a ‘newbie’ in every sense of the word. I would need you gentle guidance totally.

    I do not have a web site.
    Molly McKnight

    • Hi, Mollty McKnight.
      I am so sorry that I just now saw this comment. I would be happy to talk to you about publishing your books. Please send me an email through the “Contact” form so that we can communicate!

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