Book Publishing Packages


    A Publishing package can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000 depending on your choices.


        Once you design your package, contact me for a price quote. Please include in your message the

    genre, word count and brief description of the story.

        I promise my price quote will be affordable and I’ll work with you until we make it affordable for you!

    These are what RiJan Publishing view as

        • Professional Editing
        • Professionally Designed Book Cover
        • Interior Layout for both printed and e-books
        • Copyrighting the manuscript in YOUR name
        • ISBN Number and Barcode
        • Uploading your manuscript for printing and distribution You pay the cost of the printing
        • Professionally designed bookmarks and business cards You pay printing costs

    These are what RiJan Publishing views as EXTRAS:

          • Book Trailer
          • Banner Design You pay the cost of printing
          • Poster Design You pay the cost of printing
          • Assistance in creating an author page for you on Goodreads, Amazon, Authors Den, Authorsdb, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Independent Author Network.
          • List of potential reviewers for your book
          • Basics of marketing your book**

    **What RiJan Publishing provides to you for marketing, is a comprehensive list of tried and true methods other authors have found that work for them. IF you wish to hire a marketing professional, RiJan Publishing has two resources that are tried and trusted and would make the referral.**

    ***The difference between Copy Editing and Line Editing is simply this:

    Line editing or ‘proofreading’ is used to identify typos, spelling and grammatical errors, punctuation and malapropisms (a word being used when another word was intended), unwanted or missing spaces and formatting considerations. The editor may make suggestions on content or re-arrangement of sentences to enhance the document.

    Copy editing deals with issues like plot, characterization, description, vividness of language, readability, organization and dialogue.

    Both types of editing are normally done using Microsoft Word Track Changes option.

    Once the edited manuscript comes back to you, it is completely up to you to implement the suggestions and changes. The editor will never change your manuscript.

    Click here for an editing sample
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    Cover samples: