Music Publishing Packages

Music Publishing
services are varied and compliant depending on  the goal of the music artist.

1. Why should you publish your music?

In the digital world of streaming and downloading, it can become increasingly difficult to collect royalties that are due the songwriter.
By publishing your music, you will be registered as a songwriter with BMI and your songs will be listed with royalty collecting companies such as SoundExchange.

It is equally important to copyright your music so that it is protected.** RiJan Publishing keeps no rights to your music. The copyright is in the artist’s name solely.

2. Can’t you do all of that yourself?

Of course you can, if you have the time to invest. Then what do you do with your music once you’ve got it copyrighted and listed with all of the appropriate agencies?

What RiJan Publishing can do for you is pitch songs to music artists. Most of the music artists we work with are Texas music artists, but of course there are other avenues as well.

Can RiJan Publishing promise you that a major artist will hear your song? No. What we can promise you is to protect your music for you, make sure you are set up to receive any royalties due to you and pitch to recording artists.

Initial Songwriter account setup and one song listing.   $150
Each additional song:  $75

3. What if I need to record my songs?

RiJan is partnered with a state of the art recording studio in Fort Worth, Texas that can provide all of your recording needs from basic demo tracks to full production. The artist would work directly with the studio. RiJan Publishing would simply establish that connection for you at no charge.

4. Need a professionally designed CD cover?

RiJan Publishing can provide you with a professionally designed CD cover on the template of your choice ready for uploading. You are involved in the design process all the way. This is your baby and we want you to be involved in the birthing.

CD cover layout and design  $450

RiJan Publishing will work with you on all of your music publishing needs. Contact us with any questions you may have.